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Hytale Hardcore Servers

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Magic of Hytale


Welcome to Magic of Hytale! We are one of the best and most dedicated communities! We are developing towards Battle Royale, Factions and MMORPG.

0/0 offline

Anarchy Hytale Server


Hytale Survival Server without admins or rules

0/0 offline



Servers 28 Servers
Sponsored 0 Servers
Signups 218 Users
Players 0 Players
Votes 71 Votes
Types 21 Types
Versions 1 Versions

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Is it possible to create a Hytale server?

Yes, this is possible. And Just like Minecraft, you can also create a Hytale server with the option of customizing it to your taste.

Are there different options through which I can play Hytale?

What platforms support the running of Hytale servers?

Is there a difference between Hytale and Hypixel?

With the availability of Hytale, will Hypixel cease functioning?

What is Hytale Game?